Can You Buy Dragonfly Larvae To Kill Mosquitoes?

You cannot buy dragonfly larvae, but you can help them get started in your garden.

When it comes to mosquitoes, most people don’t care whether the means used to control them is cruelty free or not, they simply want them gone. Unfortunately, when you use toxic mosquito control solutions you usually end up killing more than just mosquitoes.  One of the unintended consequences of spraying for mosquitoes, as well as using bug zappers, is that these methods kill beneficial insects such as lacewing beetles and dragonflies. Dragonflies are mosquitoes arch enemy, and they are a great cruelty free mosquito control method.

Why Dragonflies Are One Of The Best Mosquito Solutions

One adult dragonfly can eat  its own body weight in mosquitoes each night. So why would you want to use chemicals in your yard that kill dragonflies? Even so called organic mosquito control methods such as citronella and pyrethrum can kill beneficial insects.  The fact is that any pesticide that is sprayed in your yard, either through an automatic misting system, or by hand, is an indiscriminate killer.  In addition to beneficial insects, mosquito misting systems and hand spraying can even kill small animals such as geckos.

Build A Pond For Dragonflies

It may seem counter intuitive, to build a pond to get rid of mosquitoes, but in fact building a backyard pond can be one way to increase the number of mosquito killing dragonflies on your property.  A dragonfly pond should include an aeration system, to help prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs, along with aquatic plants with roots, where dragonflies can lay their eggs.  Lily pads help to shelter young larvae from predators such as frogs and other species of dragonflies. Dragonfly larvae or nymphs, feed on mosquito larvae.

Can You Buy Dragonfly Larvae?

If you do find dragonfly larvae for sale on the internet, chances are they are a species not native to your area. You could be disturbing the natural balance introducing a non-native species, so buying dragonfly larvae online  is probably a bad idea.  You can get native dragonflies to call your yard home though.  Dragonfly ponds should not include fish, and should be placed in a semi – sunny location. In most cases, if you have any dragonflies in your area, they will show up on their own after a few months and begin to lay eggs in your dragonfly pond. One way to help get dragonflies started in your pond is to take a shovel full of muddy soil from a body of water known to contain dragonflies. Ask your local organic gardening club if they know of such a pond where you can attempt to get some dragonfly larvae. Don’t be alarmed if you have a few mosquito larvae in your dragonfly pond at first, since dragonfly larvae need them to survive.  It can take up to a year to get dragonflies established, but you will love the results.